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Current Serving Opportunities


The church isn’t a building; it’s people!

Every ministry here at The Grove Church relies on people like you to serve as volunteers and share hope with the world around them. The following is a list of our current serving opportunities where you can volunteer and make a difference. If you don’t see an opportunity that fits you, please contact our Connection Coaches  Mark and Meg Neubauer who will help you connect with a place to serve. 



Adult Ministry



Volunteers welcome and connect with guests as they enter the church building on Sundays from 8:30-9:15am or 10:15-11:00am.

Welcome & Information Desk Volunteers

Volunteers serve once a month answering questions about our ministries and escort first-time visitors to their classrooms on Sundays before and after 9:00am or 10:45am worship services.

Parking Lot Attendants

Team members serve once a month to ensure visitors feel special, make parking easier, increase safety for all and facilitate a smoother transition between services. 


Men, women, and youth, anyone who loves the Lord and His children we need your help. We need teachers and childcare workers. A stipend is available.

Contact: Travis Rosinger | Adult Ministry Pastor



Care Ministry


Care Connection
Our on-call team helps meet needs in our church family by providing meals, odd jobs around the house and more.

Meal Makers
At The Grove Church we provide a meal for those, recovering from an illness or experiencing other care needs. Meal team members receive email alerts when there is a meal need and respond when they are available. We welcome meals for our Care Ministry freezer as well. 

Sunday Prayer Team
Join our Sunday Prayer team on a rotating schedule and experience the blessing of praying with individuals at the close of our 9:00 and 10:45am worship services.

Prayer Chain
Our prayer chain is a lifeline to those with prayer needs 24/7 and prays for needs throughout the week at home. Both experienced and new prayers can sign up to become a member of this team and start receiving requests for prayer by e-mail. 

Contact: Becky Swenson | Care Ministry Director



Worship Ministry


Music Ministry Team
Vocalists and instrumentalists of all types.

Contact: Steve Olson | Worship Ministry Pastor

Production Team
Audio techs, media techs, video techs & producers

Contact: Tim Hundertmark | Tech Specialist

Ushers are on the front lines providing warm and hospitable service to those entering our worship services each week.

Contact: Bill Bolte | Lead Usher



High School Student Ministry


FUEL Tech Team Leaders
We are looking for 2-3 adults to be on a rotating schedule to staff our tech booth on Monday nights during our weekly FUEL ministry.

Prayer Warriors
Consider changing the life of our high school students by becoming a prayer warrior and regularly praying for our students and ministry. Prayer tools and requests are provided.

Contact: Zach Marino | High School Ministry Pastor


Middle School Student Ministry


Prayer Warriors
Consider changing the life of our middle school students by becoming a prayer warrior and regularly praying for our students and ministry. Prayer tools and requests are provided.

Sunday Morning Snack Prep
Support our middle school students behind the scenes and make our Student Impact classes a great place to connect and grow. Join our team to prepare and set out pre-planned snacks on Sundays before 9:00am Student Impact classes.

Small Group Shepherds
Every student in Oasis needs care, support and mentoring to grow in their faith. Make an eternal difference in a student’s life by joining our team of adult small group shepherds who lead and mentor a group of middle school students throughout the year. Training and encouragement provided. 

Contact: Toni Sather| Middle School Ministry Director


Children's Ministry


115 Weekly Faith-Building Volunteers
Research indicates that kids and youth need at least five people, in addition to parents, to build into their lives in order to pass on a lasting faith. Whatever your age, gifts or experience, you can make a difference and be one of a child's five! 

Current opportunities include:

  • Sunday Nursery Caregivers
  • Sunday Teachers
  • Quest 2>52 1st-3rd grade Small Group Leaders
  • Quest 2>52 Subs
  • Quest 2>52 Worship Leaders

Contact: Meaghan Berry | Children's Ministry Associate


If you don’t see an opportunity that interests you, please contact Travis Rosinger for help in finding a place to serve.

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