Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs)


Ever wanted to be a part of a group of people who look forward to seeing one another and making memories together? Of course, you have! It’s something we all desire deep down inside. The Grove Church has several groups that are like that called ABFs, Adult Bible Fellowships, and they are open to all adults. Our ABFs are filled with individuals and couples who love connecting and doing life with one another. They all meet on Sunday mornings and several during hours were childcare is available. Below you will find information about our ABFs. Join one whenever you like!

ABF Opportunities

Sonrise ABF (for early risers of all ages)
Sundays | 8:00am | Youth Room | No childcare available
A gathering of like-minded early risers, married or single, wanting to connect as they study God's Word, support one another and pray. Join us at 7:45am for coffee fellowship before class.

Resonate ABF (for all adults)
Sundays | 9:00am | Room 245
Join others to learn from the Bible about who we are in Christ and spend time together getting connected in community. All are welcome. (1 CORINTHIANS 12:27)

Young Couples ABF (for married, unmarried couples with or without kids)
Sundays | 10:45am | Room 245
Whether you are a married or unmarried couple with or without kids, connect with us to grow in your faith through studying God’s Word and prayer.

Rediscovery ABF (for all adults)
Sundays | 10:45am | Youth Room
Come for Bible teaching to grow in your faith and to connect in fellowship, prayer and support. Coffee and snacks each week.

Who can attend an ABF?

ABFs are open to anyone who is 18 years of age or older. You will find a mix of newer attendees and longtime members in each group.

Why attend an ABF?

In a larger church, it can be hard to know where to start connecting with others. Getting involved in an ABF will help you get to know other people and let other people get to know you. Followers of Christ and those exploring the Christian faith may desire to grow in their faith and connect with other adults. ABFs facilitate your growth in faith and in friendship with others.

When do ABFs happen?

ABFs are offered on Sunday mornings during each worship service. You are welcome to join a class at any time.


For more information, please contact Travis Rosinger |