The Grove Worship Ministry



Whether you're a worship leader or a video production professional, you will play a crucial role in connecting people with truth in ways that engage and  inspire them, and in our context, providing an environment and opportunity for them to encounter God. As you'll find out, this requires many facets of knowledge and skills that go beyond worship-leading and into technology, organizational leadership & administration.

Here at The Grove Church, we're pleased to offer internships within our worship ministry with the goal of providing you, the intern, with valuable on-the-job experience and coaching that will reinforce, teach and strengthen some of the practical skills you'll need in each of these areas; preparing you to lead effectively in whatever worship ministry context God calls you to for the next chapter of your ministry life.

These internships are unpaid, but do offer reimbursement for gas & other approved expenses. They are also flexible in terms of hours, ranging from 10 to 20 per week, and can be tailored for the most part, to fit your schedule (with the caveat that for worship leaders, this will be most effective if you are with us for our primary ministry hours during services and team rehearsals). We will also provide whatever documentation is necessary and/or required by your school so you can receive the appropriate academic credit for the internship.

If you're interested in learning more and perhaps pursuing an internship with us, please check out the position description below. Then, if you feel like it's a great fit for you, please fill out the online application form using the link below.

We'd love to hear from you, but whatever you decide, blessings to you and your future calling!


For more information, please contact Steve Olson |